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re: @Puff (and other warlocks too if interested)


So after doing Klaxxi the other night was thinking about your choice to go demo, wanted to show you a little data.



1.  I am definitely not telling you to change specs if you don't want to, this is more academic than anything.

2.  It's farm, so it probably doesn't matter, but when we bring in less geared alts mains may have to carry dps - it could matter a little more then.

3.  I am in no way commenting on skill.  I don't question that you are playing the spec right, I just think destro is more effective.

First, here are the overall damage numbers:

Turt - 268MM

Puff - 253MM

Cray - 228MM

Lambz - 145MM (died about 2/3 through)

Note that Crayzus got 2 mutates (I believe the first 2), and I got 1 (the last one).  In his case the impact of starting out the fight that way was more severe, but both of us lost significant dps time to that. 

Puff got 1 aim, which is 8 seconds, but since we were dpsing Rikal at the time shouldn't have impacted damage that much as he should still be in range.


Now below is the warlock breakdowns for effective damage.  That is, damage done to primary targets during the window we were killing them.  Obviously we havoc, rain of fire, or doom in your case to increase single target.  the numbers below measure only the actual damage that helped us kill the boss. 

Klaxxi Effective Damage

Notice a couple things:

1.  At the time of his death, lambz was ahead of Puff on effective damage by about 2.3MM.  Crayzus was behind by 8.4MM after horrible opening luck with mutates, but closed more than half (4.4MM) of that gap in the last 3rd of the fight.

2.  My luck wasn't bad overall, the last mutate hurts but not nearly as much as getting earlier ones.  Even so there wasn't a single boss segment on which Puff's effective damage was higher than Turt's until the very last boss.  Overall, I was able to do 15.3% more effective damage. 

Possible it was all differences in proc luck?  yes but unlikely.  Turt's didn't line up at all after the pull and I had 11 Wrath procs overall in 11:30.  That's actually right at the expected number of .92 per minute.

Puff had 11 perfect aim procs in the same time, where I think the nerfed proc rate is about .5 per minute? actually got quite lucky there, and all but 2 of them were pretty well spaced out.

Anyway this is all just food for any thoughts or data here I'm happy to discuss.

For reference, segments (and expressions where necessary) i used to get numbers in the table above:

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- See more at:

- See more at:

- See more at:

- See more at:
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