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re: Destro AoE Tips

Ok Madmoos asked me to write something up, and since it’s likely we’re all going to spec destro for Garrosh (if not spoils), here goes:

I’m not going to cover the very basics, you all know those already or can read the guides on MMO or Icy Veins. What I will talk about is how it plays out on an actual fight and what you need to watch out for.

Just jotting things down as Im in a bit of a hurry, ask me about any specifics later.

Start of the fight:

At the start of an AoE fight like Galakras, your ramp up is limited by embers. The reason being you start with only 1. Once you get immo and RoF up, you should be able to sustain the aoe, but remember that these provide Embers over time, so ramp up applies. If you start out with AoE immo (because it’s highest dpct), you will actually throttle your AoE significantly.

Here is how I start out, the whole goal being to get to a point where I always have 2+ embers, so that I can refresh AoE immo whenever I want without dipping below 1 ember and having to swap to single target spells.

Beserking > RoF > Dark Soul > immolate (single) > F&B Conflag > then hopefully F&B incin and refreshing RoF, as soon as I get 2 embers or 1.8-1.9, I F&B immolate.

- Do not be afraid to use dark soul on AoE. Understand that dark soul is a good cooldown for CB’s, but not nearly as good for those as intell procs are. Dark Soul on AoE is fine to use, it helps ramp up faster does will help AoE dmg as well, which with 5+ mobs would actually be higher dps than a CB buffed only by Dark Soul.

- Beserking is basically used to get more RoF ticks. If you come to a point later in the fight where you are flush with embers just from regular RoF and a spread Immo, go ahead and use beserking to squeeze more CB’s into a proc window.


Shadowburn serves 2 important purposes. To do massive damage (and you should havoc cleave it whenever you can), and to help you keep your embers up. A common mistake (I make it myself sometimes) is to fall so in love with shadowburn as to spam it 4 times in a row on the same mob, only to have that mob die 6 seconds later…you just lost at least 2 embers, and possibly 4 if another mob was also close to dying. Grats!, enjoy the ramp up on the next AoE pack ;)

/cast [@mouseover, exists, harm, nodead] [] shadowburn

This will cast shadowburn at your mouseover if it is an enemy and otherwise will attempt to cast it on your target. Learn to use this macro. Get tidyplates to change colors when the mob hits 20%, and get a sense of time-to-die for mobs you are fighting. Spread those shadowburns around and make sure when you go on a shadowburn binge that you end up getting some embers back.

If you are able to start the next AoE wave with 2 embers, you can immediately AoE Immo, followed by RoF, then into a full aoe rotation. 2 EMBERS MEANS YOU WON’T HAVE TO RAMP YOUR AOE. USE SHADOWBURN TO MAKE SURE THIS HAPPENS.

Note that on Galakras some of the AoE mobs are rather beefy, get used to the timings and don’t shadowburn too early.

Also one final macro for Havoc:
/cast [@mouseover, exists, harm, nodead] [@focus, exists, harm, nodead] [] havoc
casts havoc with the prioritization mouseover > focus > target

just an example of how effective this can be on priority targets (havoc the priority target mouseover and shadowburn random mobs in the AoE pack, both done with mouseovers):
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re: Destro AoE Tips

I spent the whole day studying my aoe and yours instead of working (i am in trouble ); but i was too shocked to do something else and I am glad you took the time to write this. I made a LOT of mistakes which i will fix now i know what they are. If i have more questions, i guess i will post them here.

Cheers you rock.

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