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re: Pertinent 6.1 warrior info


Since talents are now becoming more and more feasible, going to try and consolidate important things that collision and others come up with here.


Regarding Angermanagement:

Use Anger Management with these fight lengths on a single target encounter

(This is done assuming that AM will reduce the cd of Reck 45 seconds, there is some fudging of the timing because you cannot predict fight length to the second, recklessness is often delayed 5-10 seconds for various reasons, and the T17 4P bonus lasts 15 seconds)






16:00 or more


Regarding Rotation:

When a gcd is available start at #1 and work your way down. Hit the ability that fits the expression, then restart from #1 on the next gcd.


Berserker Rage whenever enrage is down

Execute immediately when sudden death procs, almost no matter the situation.

Wild strike/Execute if rage is greater than 100 or if bloodsurge is cockblocking your rotation.

Raging Blow if you currently have 2 stacks of it and are above execute range

Bloodthirst if enrage is down or rage is below 90.

Execute if the target is below 20% HP while enraged.

Raging Blow

Wild Strike if enraged and the target is not below 20% HP.

Level 60 Talent Filler



Regarding Specs on Specific Fights:

Why are you playing Arms on this fight instead of Fury?




Why are you playing Fury on this fight instead of Arms?

Iron Maidens

Hans and Franz

Blast Furnace

*Note* This doesn't mean you can't do well as either spec, Arms with great rng during execute can certainly crush fury on Gruul, but if you average out every attempt you ever do on Gruul, Fury is a better choice. Fight strategy/kill times will also matter a lot.

Generally, you can play either spec for most encounters. Fury is significantly behind Arms on Iron Maidens, but it's still a great spec for the encounter when compared to other classes... Arms is just top-tier for it.


Regarding SMF vs TG:

Quote Originally Posted by Lokrei  View Post

SMF better now than TG?

SMF has a 1-2% advantage on single target, TG has a 1-2% advantage on aoe. 


This is really just gear dependant, use the best weapon you can get. On single target they are about as close as it gets. 


 Regarding Trinket ranks:


Regarding Stat Weights:

These are all APPROXIMATE, you have to sim to get your actual weights

For most 670-685~ ilevel people your stat weights will look something like this:

(Sudden Death/Anger Management/Bloodbath used in this)

Strength: 1.0

Crit Below 25%: 0.65

Crit Above 25%: 0.58

Mastery: 0.58-0.70~ (Depends on how much crit you have)

Haste below 11% - 0.64

Haste inbetween 11-18% - 0.58 

Haste over 18%: 0.50

Multistrike: 0.55

Versatility: 0.42

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