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re: Warrior BiS - BRF


Assuming 4 piece and not counting on getting MWF with socket instead.  List is based on gear weights of approx crit = mastery > Multi > Vers > Haste

Helm - Tier Helm - Kromog - Crit/Multi

Neck - Throgar - Mastery/Multi

Shoulders - Blackhand - Mastery/Multi  - I'd stick with the Imperator Margok ones until you get a decent ilvl bump from these ones, so probably only mythic unless you get HWF w/ socket

Cloak - Iron Maidens - Crit/Mastery

Chest - Tier Chest - Flamebender - Crit/Haste

Wrists - Blast Furnace -  

Hands - Tier Hands - Iron Maiden - Mastery/Multi

Belt - HIGHMAUL TRASH - Crit/Multi - This is the only belt with 2 primarily good stats on it. Maybe if you got mastery/haste one MWF with a socket it would be as good

Legs - Tier Legs - Blast Furnace - Crit/mastery -

Boots - BRF TRASH - Crit/Mastery - Hold onto the boots from Highmaul until you can get these, take mastery/multi ones if ilvl is big upgrade from Kromog if no one else needs

Ring - Beastlord - Crit/Mastery -

Trinket 1 - Flamebender - Static Str with mastery proc .92/min

Trinket 2 - Blackhand - Static str with Multi Climbing proc .92/min  There is a possibility of scabbard being good on short fights still.

Weapon - 3 Choices pre Mythic Blackhand - 1 is Mastery/Mult 2 are Crit/Multi -  Flamebender/Gruul/Blast Furnace - Pick the first 2 you can get - Respectively - or or

I'll put this into the spreadsheet at some point.

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