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<Post Mortem> is a 25-man late-night progression guild on US-Kilrogg.  PM was formed on November 29, 2011 and has worked hard each and every tier to improve our US 25-man progression rankings.

<Post Mortem> Progression Rankings (US Mythic 20-mans):

Tier 17 - TBD

<Post Mortem> Progression Rankings (US 25-mans):

Tier 16  US #31 (25-man guilds)

Tier 15  US #31 (25-man guilds)

Tier 14  US #45 (25-man guilds)

Tier 13  US #65 (25-man guilds)

We are always looking for exceptional players to join our roster.  

If you are interested joining our raiding roster to push end-game progression on a relatively light 12 hours/week schedule, feel free to apply go to PM.  

We will always review all applications thorougly regardless of recruitment needs.

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